What should have OurMedia become?

OurMedia was considered YouTube's #1 competitor OurMedia was one of the first places you could upload video or podcasts to the Internet. I recently found a reference to OurMedia in the YouTube VC pitch deck when they first raised money. They said that OurMedia was their leading competitor. I don't believe at the time Mark

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Innovation in a Transforming World

Register Here On July 13th and 14th Outhink is sponsoring an event with the SEMI trade association. This event is being directed by the President of North America, Dave Anderson. SEMI just celebrated 50 years that powered the global economy. That really is amazing when one thinks about how pervasive electronics around in our lives

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Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Team Innovation

Coming from Silicon Valley and being able to observe the contribution of those that have passed through the valley I have learned so much about the notion of problem solving and how tech can be applied to accelerate innovation and transformation. I’m not going to review what so many already have. Technology in support of

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Work & Life in the 21st Century

Join us online at this first SEMI Virtual Forum of the Work & Life in the 21st Century Webinar Series to hear industry experts discuss best practices leading companies are using to optimize their remote teams. Time 1:30 pm - 2:15 pm Location Online, Pacific Time, United States REGISTER NOW Culture and Leadership with Distributed Teams Businesses are rapidly

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Pressure Testing the 21st Century

What would it look like if we pressure tested how we're doing in the 21st Century? There are so many issues that have emerged with all the new communication tools we now have at our fingertips. We are not organizing around how to do that with integrity that recognizes the vast differences that exist but

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CULTURE - the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group per Google and other references. Tomorrow will challenge what we care to define our culture. This drives our behavior. What will it be tomorrow as we hear what most did not take, nor have the time to

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"Leadership is measured by how much responsibility one cares to take". I've read or written a lot about leadership over the years. As individuals we need to take responsibility to help make sure that how we see our reality is what serves the purpose of our nation. When it gets mis-directed we need to find

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From Somewhere in Silicon Valley #7

There are a lot of people that are struggling with the implications of technology in their business and personal lives. It is advancing at such a rapid rate that one can understand why it challenges so many. We need to recognize that our ability to comprehend, even with those well experienced with technology is not

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For years we have been criticizing those around us in the media, the orientation of journalists, the influence of advertisers, now as well with our politicians. The balance among these constituents moves around with the voice of our society. It is out of balance right now. We have a deep belief that others should not

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