For years we have been criticizing those around us in the media, the orientation of journalists, the influence of advertisers, now as well with our politicians. The balance among these constituents moves around with the voice of our society. It is out of balance right now. We have a deep belief that others should not impose their will on us. That is a fundamental belief most Americans agree with. We are not focusing on our narrative, we have been hijacked. Our adversaries are gaming our system to their advantage. We should be reframing how we engage with our narrative. This is critical to our survival. We might view those that we resonate with and listen to their voice, but must distance ourselves to be able to best navigate the tough issues that effect our lives. We are not doing that well these days. If Ourmedia can contribute, it must.

OurMedia can redefine how we build our collective voice. Not to replace what we have, but to better connect the solutions that are available to build a better tomorrow. More to come….