There are a lot of people that are struggling with the implications of technology in their business and personal lives. It is advancing at such a rapid rate that one can understand why it challenges so many. We need to recognize that our ability to comprehend, even with those well experienced with technology is not an easy thing to do and has major implications to how we live our lives. Technology drives the notion of wanting to improve efficiency, it is designed for that. We must find a way to learn to accept this will not slow down and we need to need to be aware of what that means to us. We can’t predict where it will go so must get much better at adapting to change. This comes in the face of many that don’t want to see things change, they want to control and keep everything under their narrative. We have always been attracted to stories and narratives. It drives what many believe is trusted and is truth. It is hard to build trust in an ever changing landscape. We must find ways.