From Somewhere in Silicon Valley #7

There are a lot of people that are struggling with the implications of technology in their business and personal lives. It is advancing at such a rapid rate that one can understand why it challenges so many. We need to recognize that our ability to comprehend, even with those well experienced with technology is not

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This is something to consider as many of the trade offs to our consumption of technology. We rarely recognize that we fill our free time with things we didn't used to. These things take away from building a better future for our personal lives. We all argue about data rights, we don't spend enough time

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Embodied AI Characters for Emergent Narrative

How AI and augmented reality will issue forth a new genre of interactive character design by Jeffrey Ventrella, DNA Contributor Imagine yourself five years from now. Apple has come out with a new version of its augmented reality glasses. You have just purchased a pair. Stepping into a café, you order an espresso and sit

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