“Leadership is measured by how much responsibility one cares to take”. I’ve read or written a lot about leadership over the years. As individuals we need to take responsibility to help make sure that how we see our reality is what serves the purpose of our nation. When it gets misdirected we need to find a way to connect together to shine a light on what we would consider to be a fair representation of reality. That means a blend of the right, the left and a big fat middle. We have lost the middle and need to work together to re-surface it before we are no longer able to influence those that have the power over our collective story. Not one voice speaks to tell us what it should be but “E pluribus unum”, from the many voices, one. We now have the capability to bring this back into our lives if we provide leadership to bring back our voice.

With hundreds, thousands and more ways to connect a message to an audience, we need to consider those that are organized to dominate their position and impose on us a view of reality that may benefit a fraction of society, not the big fat middle that needs to be there. This is what made the nation a great success in that our middle class was the majority. This goes beyond the economic measures but the social fabric of our daily lives. It is not easy, it is ugly and at times frustrating, but we need to let the chaos of communications do it’s thing and let it settle into the threads that we all can resolve to common ground. This is no longer an option. We must fight for it as we are at a tipping point where there may be no looking back once we cross over and let a minority rule our democracy. More to come.