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OurMedia was one of the first places you could upload video or podcasts to the Internet. I recently found a reference to OurMedia in the YouTube VC pitch deck when they first raised money. They said that OurMedia was their leading competitor. I don’t believe at the time Mark Canter and JD Lasica who started the site recognized others might take a commercial path while they were taking a more community driven approach. If OurMedia were well funded at that time, where might it have gone? I’ve hung onto OurMedia as I recognized...
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Lessons from 9/11 The Bipartisan Report from 9/11 expressed a number of recommendations that we have not addressed and We the People need to attend to this. It is life and death. We can come together to demonstrate that we have the moral fabric to set an example of what can be done when our democracy works. Here are some of the recommendations; Please keep in mind this is not my recommendation but that of a Bipartisan team that we need to find support to show that We the People make up the...
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How do we want to be remembered for this time in our lives? I had the good fortune of living through 50 years that powered the global economy. Now what? Where is the plan? We have plenty of pressing problems to solve. The Chinese have a 50 year plan. Look back on the recent 50 year celebrations and you see some of those that have survived the ups and downs. Start with going to the moon and back in a decade, 50 years ago, 50 years of economic growth like in no other...
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