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Innovation in a Transforming World

Register Here On July 13th and 14th Outhink is sponsoring an event with the SEMI trade association. This event is being directed by the President of North America, Dave Anderson. SEMI just celebrated 50 years that powered the global economy. That really is amazing when one thinks about how pervasive electronics around in our lives

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Welcome to The Story

Welcome to's The Story Blog, the public record of narrative experimentation. We'll post news summaries, commentary and creative contributors ideas and critiques of new digital storytelling technology, narrative thinking and strategy. Our members, master creatives and organizational leaders from a variety of industries, are actively assembling new projects and research topics to address the

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Embodied AI Characters for Emergent Narrative

How AI and augmented reality will issue forth a new genre of interactive character design by Jeffrey Ventrella, DNA Contributor Imagine yourself five years from now. Apple has come out with a new version of its augmented reality glasses. You have just purchased a pair. Stepping into a café, you order an espresso and sit

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Stories Happen in the Mind of the Receiver

Story Written By: Loreta Tarozaite The title is a quote by Kendall Haven that I heard at the Digital Story Association’s (DSA) inaugural conference April 8th, 2016. Kendall is the author of 34 books in which he writes about research on the power of storytelling. He went along saying that it depends how we personally

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