Welcome to OurMedia.org’s The Story Blog, the public record of narrative experimentation. We’ll post news summaries, commentary and creative contributors ideas and critiques of new digital storytelling technology, narrative thinking and strategy. Our members, master creatives and organizational leaders from a variety of industries, are actively assembling new projects and research topics to address the rapidly changing storytelling environment.

We’ve learned from our work and history that stories change the world. Narrative, the context, values, and expectations on which stories are told, rewires expectation to create novel possibilities. In combination, story and narrative can reshape the future. Digital technology amplified each story’s reach, granting storytellers in every corner of the world new power to inspire, convince, and impel change. We believe that after a half-century of computational history only now is digital narrative emerging as an art form, an industry, and a tool for transformation.

The Digital Narrative Alliance is a collaboration of master storytellers and organizational leaders. DNA members share experience and insights through online and physical gatherings, as well as participating in collaborative and for-profit projects. We create events, research programs and executive experiences that explore narrative’s power to inspire to companies, non-profits, and government, as well as to individuals who want to change their world. We build collaborative projects that members can join, and raise funding for project that provide powerful positive social outcomes.

We help leaders understand and use media purposefully. Join us here on The Story to get a daily taste of the DNA experience. When you find inspiration here, we urge you to join the DNA and make that vision a reality. We’re on an exploratory journey, and we invite all of you along.