About Ourmedia

About Us

Ourmedia is an ecosystem dedicated to providing the experiential learning opportunities and knowledge networks needed for members of Generation Z to succeed in their learning, career, and advocacy goals. We work to surface the voice of Generation Z in higher learning or early-in-career and forge partnerships across sector and generation to encourage the growth of AI-readiness and social entrepreneurial skills. Our vision is a Gen Z workforce equipped for lifelong learning in the changing landscape of work and life in the 2030s.

Our work foregrounds the perspectives and experiences of Gen Z to inform the development of recommendations and solutions around work, learning, and advocacy. We bridge efforts to explore the issues anticipated as Gen Z navigates the 2030s with work to develop tangible solutions that center the voice of Gen Z.

What We Are Up To

We are partnering to deliver AI-readiness workshops to university students that will prepare students for an AI-ready workforce while surfacing concerns around AI and the future of work. A growing interview archive with thought leaders and Gen Z advocates contribute to our community of practice around the future of work, education, and leadership moving into the 2030s. In addition, we are bringing our diverse networks together for an innovation session in the Fall to surface new areas of collaboration to support Gen Z in the future of work, life, and learning.

We are looking for partners and sponsors to support our efforts. Please get in touch to learn more!