Competitiveness Matters

Most measure competitiveness by the value of their economy and this is what drives all of our standard of living. This is driven by our global competitiveness. The U.S. has been slipping. This is the biggest issue we all should be facing. Most people are happy enough if their standard of living is going up a little bit and having a line of site to something to make a better life for their families. This is what builds confidence and drives the stories we tell each other that things are OK in our lives. This is rarely in balance. There are just too many factors at work to in a simple way support that things are OK. Having said that, if the standard of living is providing lift for us in our lives we have a better chance to build a better future.

OurMedia is what defines our confidence in the world around us. It is where stories are shared and narratives that drive our society come together. With all the new forms of media we are challenged with understanding what this means to our lives. This is a major issue not just in each of our lives but in governments, business and society in general. We can do something about this is we find a better way to curate the stories of our world in way that drives a narrative that better serves our society.  Maybe we can find a way to come together to help lift up each other.

We must keep our focus on what makes us the most competitive nation we can as others are paying attention to this in more advanced ways from what we are and this will reduce the standard of living for us in the future. Other nations have found new ways to organize across industries, across the table between people with different skills. We must come together, right, left, middle, east, west and find the common ground that should help us come together to solve those bigger problems that impact all of our lives. We now have the connectivity to find a spread solutions. More later……