Who are we?

We are a non-profit media and technology education organization led by a network of individuals interested in making technology serve us. Our community includes leaders from industry, nonprofit spaces, education, media, and beyond.

Though our backgrounds and fields vary widely our network is united by a common passion for understanding technology’s interactions with society, and developing those relationships to serve society on both a micro and macro level.

Ourmedia.Org builds multidirectional networks involving students, technology leaders, corporate innovators, teachers, researchers, and other organizations to define the role of technology in support of society. Its aim is to build communities that support this upcoming generation of thinkers at the intersection of education, technology, and media by bringing together diverse users, stakeholders, and thought leaders across sectors and generations. Our emphasis is on forefronting the voices and concerns of generation Z, with guidance from the current leadership in these sectors to build a network of support.

Where are we going?

We plan to build off of the fruits of our first event in March 2023 to lead a movement teaching other campuses how to better listen to students on how to chart a path forward when it comes to artificial intelligence. The March conversation included thought leaders, educators, university staff, and a diverse group of students.

The March Conversation

All parties walked away with something new about how AI might be leveraged to assist in humanity’s endeavors as well as the importance of having these types of conversations across both generation and discipline

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Growing with Slack

Ourmedia is currently working on adapting this workshop for use at other universities, as well as growing a Slack community where participants can share additional resources and continue the conversation.

Beyond our current efforts, Ourmedia plans to spend the summer building a community and repository of the voices of this movement which will culminate in a festival in the Fall to consider digital innovation more broadly with a wide range of stakeholders. As generation Z and ones that follow will be the first test subjects and pilots of new, disruptive technology like artificial intelligence, we recognize the importance of opening the door to a moment that stretches across generations. Our efforts will catalyze a new push towards forefronting the voices of youth leaders in addressing societal change with support from older thought leaders.