Our Story

We are Ourmedia, a non-profit organization focused on media and technology education, formed by a team deeply concerned about Generation Z’s readiness for the AI-driven future. In collaboration with its partners, we are dedicated to amplifying Gen Z’s voices and addressing their concerns, guided by communities we foster. These communities connect students, social, economic and technology leaders, innovators, educators, researchers, and others eager to make a difference.

Our primary goal is the seamless integration of AI into the core aspects of work, life, and education. We are committed to a future that is not just influenced by, but co-created with Gen Z – those who are most impacted by these technological advancements. To achieve this, we begin with finding effective ways to listen.

Our approach prioritizes the perspectives and insights of Gen Z, ensuring their voices are not just heard but are central in shaping how AI integrates into our societal, professional, and educational spheres. By doing so, we aim to align AI’s development and its application with the real-world needs and values of the upcoming generation.

Why Does this Matter?

Political polarization, misinformation, digital inequality, and erosion of social norms are all critical stress points worsened by the accelerating rate of change from technology. These impacts come together to chip away at the integrity of our institutions until they crumble entirely. Something needs to change.

“Disregard for democratic norms is part of a larger social transformation that has seen rising disengagement and alienation, particularly among younger generations and lower socioeconomic classes.”

-Paul Howe, political scientist

We must strengthen these institutions, but that starts with making sense of the change occurring around us. Having a solid, foundational understanding of a shared reality is crucial in a democracy, and this is something we’ve strayed far from.

“When the goal of shifting the public’s attention and perspectives in whatever way will increase profits, supersedes the desire to find truth and connection, our shared reality erodes.” – Medium

Crucial to this foundation is a network of support for upcoming generations of thinkers, a way for them to engage with and understand how to breathe life and efficiency back into our institutions.

We must our relationship to technology, reorienting it to serve us.

What Do We Do About it?

“To create a shared reality as a nation, we need shared facts, shared values, and shared purpose.” – Medium

Ourmedia and its partners seek to redefine our relationship to technology, reorienting it to serve us. It’s essential to educate rising generations to critically examine political and social institutions, and to provide them with the necessary skills for them to address the shortcomings of technology in our society.

The Team

We are a non-profit media and technology education organization with leadership provided by Dave Toole, a technology innovator in Palo Alto, California. Dave’s interest in technology began during his college years when he engaged with ARPANET at UCSB, witnessing the inception of the internet and its transformative potential.

During his career, Dave played a pivotal role in supporting the building of hundreds of advanced technology factories that powered the global economy. He sold a public company to collaborate with Intel, working to define a 20-year computing vision that aimed to create a more inclusive, secure social network delivered through the first cloud platforms.

Driven by his concern for the extreme commodification of the internet, Dave took the initiative to relaunch Ourmedia, a non-profit, to address the absence of a support network and community guiding emerging thought leaders in harnessing technology to serve society.

In 2022, Dave brought on Tara Mandrekar, a current student at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a passion for grassroots advocacy and social justice. Tara was drawn to the project because of her concern that Generation Z isn’t equipped to adapt to disruptions brought by Artificial Intelligence. Together, Tara and Dave are designing new ways to shift decision-making around AI back into the hands of the people. This initiative begins with finding effective ways to listen.