Ourmedia is bringing the voice of Generation Z into the priority setting around AI for work, life, and learning

AI is predicted to displace workers and contribute to inequality in the coming years, but there is hope that it can be leveraged to serve the community instead. At Ourmedia.org we are bringing together the emerging generation, guided by older thought leaders, to surface quality leadership for the 2030’s and redefine our 21st Century priorities together to bring a better balance to work, life and learning.

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Ourmedia’s programs leverage youth-led solutions, data-driven decision-making, and the human experience to chart a path forward

AI represents a wide range of technologies that will disrupt social, political, and economic life


of 509 higher education institutions surveyed anticipate AI being instrumental to their institution’s competitiveness


Workers surveyed don’t trust their employer to support them in understanding AI


Jobs predicted to be lost or degraded by AI


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We are a community of stakeholders from across business, education, technology, and more. Our roots began with the inception of the internet, where Ourmedia was one of YouTube’s earliest competitors. Involvement with other projects that centered human narratives evolved Ourmedia into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for building an ecosystem of change.