Will you be in your 30’s in the 2030’s? We want your voice to define what we can do to help support and encourage the next generation of leaders to help shape our future and rebuild our middle class. The rate of technological change is accelerating, our Democracy is being pressure tested, and our security is being challenged. There’s a lot to be unsettled about, but with the right combination of resource, experience, and opportunity, we can do something about it. We believe there is an immediate need to start by making sense of how AI can better serve us in work, life and learning.

Everyone is recognizing that AI will have a long lasting impact on us for better or worse. We need to lean in to better understand how it can contribute to rebuilding a more sustainable economy that helps balance the needs of Americans, wherever they live, whatever their upbringing, whatever their economic success, whatever their service to this nation. Ourmedia has been surfacing the voice of Generation Z as well as those in the business world to consider what questions and prompts should be explored, understood, and prioritized for success. We are developing a roadmap outlining how to best serve the generation that will find themselves in their 30’s in the 2030’s.

What if we had a filter that would help us align Quality Leadership with the life we would like to live in the 2030’s? The decade will bring challenges, but with concerted efforts also hopefully innovative ways to align in building a better future together. Our middle class has been compressed over the last 50 years, leaving us less competitive as a nation and facing greater struggles across society. It is no longer only the responsibility of our politicians, business leaders, educational advocates, and nonprofits. Rather it is up to us to decide whether we care to lean into taking responsibility, stand up, and do something. Quality leadership has always been about determining the common ground that brings us together to share in success. In a world that increasingly attempts to define human potential in terms of increasingly shrinking boxes, we need to challenge ourselves to turn attention towards breaking out of these mindsets. Please join us to help rally around quality leadership for a better work, life and learning journey.

At Ourmedia.org we are bringing together the emerging generation, guided by older generations, to surface quality leadership for the 2030’s and redefine our 21st Century priorities together to bring a better balance to work, life and learning. We just had a donor offer matching donations of $50K and would love to have you join us with your voice or donation. We are experienced leaders and proud citizens that want to take responsibility.