OurMedia was considered YouTube’s #1 competitor

OurMedia was one of the first places you could upload video or podcasts to the Internet. I recently found a reference to OurMedia in the YouTube VC pitch deck when they first raised money. They said that OurMedia was their leading competitor. I don’t believe at the time Mark Canter and JD Lasica who started the site recognized others might take a commercial path while they were taking a more community driven approach.

If OurMedia were well funded at that time, where might it have gone? I’ve hung onto OurMedia as I recognized the potential on the commercial side, but it is more important on the community side to this day and this day is here. If you happen to have been around in 2005 when this was just getting started where would this have evolved to if it where the community running it?Would those running it been able to define how to commercialize it other than advertising? How could have they better valued the social interactions within the community? What would it be like today?