We know the Problem. What is the Plan?

How do we want to be remembered for this time in our lives? I had the good fortune of living through 50 years that powered the global economy. Now what? Where is the plan? We have plenty of pressing problems to solve. The Chinese have a 50 year plan. Look back on the recent 50 year celebrations and you see some of those that have survived the ups and downs. Start with going to the moon and back in a decade, 50 years ago, 50 years of economic growth like in no other time. We had a plan, we had leaders and we had support for the most part from a willing citizenship. This doesn’t mean all were treated fairly along the way, but as ugly as our democracy can be, we found enough common ground to move forward together, right and left and the middle. We had a much bigger middle. Society gets shattered when any one party does not stay focused on building the middle. That is where any plan should start.

What is our plan? It starts with clear problem definition and providing why solving the problem is in all our best interests. What does it take to surface the leaders out of 328 million citizens in this country? What does it take for you to put your voice in this conversation? We are so capable in coming up with solutions to problems with just a little organization. I’m saying this from somewhere in Silicon Valley where I’m surrounded by amazing people who have solved amazing problems that built a good part of the growth of our economy over the last 50 years. I’ve been on the front lines. I’ve had the good fortune of traveling through most of our country and world and find people in local communities who on a daily basis are solving problems and supporting those around them regardless of what their party affiliation is so where is the plan?

We are better than this. When we came out of World War Two we had millions of trained leaders, we built an education system that served a broad reach into our community, we trained people how to take responsibility to build a better future. We can’t lose this. I’m not sure what Make America Great Again means. It was never was really defined and we are sure not seeing what any of us would say is Great about what we are solving for today. It is not that conservative or liberal is right. It is that we are able to search through those positions to find an appropriate middle ground this is brings us together around the problems of the day. We need testing, we need tracing, we need surveillance we need to be able to work together to protect each other from COVID-19. We need to learn from the second surge that has happened to better prepare us for something that most likely will be much worse in the fall that’s only weeks away. We must have a plan.

It’s not coming from our hope for leadership. It must come from citizens in local communities that can rapidly be shared between us so we can figure out what’s working and what isn’t and be able to come together and agree on policies that protect and provide the security that we all hope for. Right now that is food security which is not in our discussion in the media or discussion in our politics. We look at how we did it before, not at how we need to do it today. Some have looked at what jobs were taken out and have set up systems to encourage them to find where there are new needs. There are plenty that are tyring things as well that stimulate more economic demand. It is being proven out in other countries, not ours. Our local commerce is going to be impacted for a long time. We must help do what we can to build the food resources to feed the 10’s of millions of people who have found their life shattered where is the empathy where is the plan What is your plan? What should our Federated community plan be so we can get back to figuring out how to be the most competitive nation on the planet before it’s too late. Once we design how to solve basic problems for food and security we might revisit what made us the most competitive country on the planet. That is too much for most today. Let’s get a plan.