We are in one of the most devisive times in our lives. While we continue to spend our time trying to yell louder about who is right or wrong, we are losing the focus on resolving the challenges that we face. I would like to bring us together to surface success stories in where we are coming together irregardless of idealogical preference to solve the issues of our day. Why now, what has changed? I’m writing this from somewhere in Silicon Valley. I contributed to the growth of the driver for many companies that flourish around leveraging computing power. We now are at a point we can reconnect the touch points in our daily lives to better align to solve many of these problems. It takes the voice of all of us, not from our vote, but from our daily actions. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”


We are returning OurMedia to its roots. Our media has been politicized and capitalized by advertising and over taxed and it needs to get back to the basics of better understanding its purpose. Not just to sell advertising but to better inform, entertain and occupy our time in a way that advances our lives but also to be a trusted source of information. Not that serves a party and group and identity seeking imposition of position on others but a trusted source of diving into issues that we need to solve to improve everyone’s lives that represent the collective voice of our nation. This has not been the intent of any organization that has the good fortune of an audience that cares. We should care as this is what in the past built democracy. We should hold our country accountable to the standards our founding fathers invissioned and we developed over the last dozens of generations. This is not about party but about identifying the key issues of our day and coming together to solve them. We can. It does not have to be our government that leads we can. Healing local community  will take a lot of support, let’s go.