CULTURE – the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social group per Google and other references. Tomorrow will challenge what we care to define our culture. This drives our behavior. What will it be tomorrow as we hear what most did not take, nor have the time to read the report that communicated another country taking our voice if not our vote away in our last election. How we chose to handle this should be something we look in the mirror and decide if our leaders are taking the actions necessary to protect us from this ever happening again. It is every day that we are being probed by other and there is not a plan to stop it or even recognize that there should be new norms debated around this. Should we interfere against other nations in this way, or let them interfere with ours?  Our elected officials should be held accountable to resolve the top national security issue. We need to engage in discussion to find a way to come together to defeat those that want to influence and re-direct what we the people care to see as the culture of our nation in a way that offers the greatest promise for the next generations that we will leave behind when our days are done is better off. What can you do to raise the voice of what our culture should be that brings us together for a great future together?