The most valuable part of our lives is where we put our time.  With loved ones, or getting things done at work or being entertained where we choose to put our time. Technology has been driven by advancements that have been directed at saving time and money. More recently technology has enabled us to become more personalized, atomized, and with mobile a new way of being entertained and engaged. So now we can go anywhere and find an experience that brings us better options as to where we put our time. In business we organize for the best way we can deliver the most competitive results. Business has a rhythm based on the industry and products and services. Our competitiveness drives us to optimize performance. How we deploy our resources, between people and other assets to determine our best level of success?

Recognizing how technology implicates the rhythm of industries is our economies greatest challenge. With AI entering the was we view and deal with our world we will need to understand where to apply our time to improve our lives. Most do not know what AI means in its predictive abilities. WE have a literacy problem and more significant we have a competitive issue as many of our adversaries are cycling on get faster at developing solutions based on the most recent technology. This is happening around us and we aren’t talking enough about it. The cycles of learning that drive time based competition that will be leveraged by others in ways that will impact our lives. We can and must do better to get attention on this important topic. AI for time based competition. Let’s engage in a conversation around this.

How do we apply this to building a better future. I am a strong believe that democracy still offers the best of choices for better or worse over other approaches, mostly the authoritarian ones that are emerging. This is not about left or right, it’s about left and right, it is not about democrat or republican it is about democrat and republican. While there are plenty of edge cases that support the divisive views butt most of us want to see that we are open too debate, different perspectives, the voice of all of us and must find the common ground that exists that represents a collective voice that should drive our society. We can and must find a way.