Picking up where we left off. What is the code that makes up Silicon Valley? It is a Narrative that has been covered by many over the years. There are stories of some of the greatest discoveries of the last century that have and are driving the core of our economy. Why don’t we figure out how it can serve a business purpose as well as a purpose that contributes these skills for social impact? The rate of change that is occurring can be traced to the diffusion of technology in our society. We are now entering the third phase of the Internet that is now blending in the cloud, smartphones, capturing our moments and bringing new forms like distributed computing, blockchain, AI, AR and more. More important is that we as humans have the opportunity to organize the tools to support us. The needs of ¬†humans and how we communicate and transact has not changed a great deal over the centuries, but now with these new tools it will change our society like never before, at an accelerated rate, in a more atomized way and it will be left to us to apply it for the good of society or let others use it to impose themselves on others. We can make that choice and do something about it. Let us know your thoughts.