A couple of months ago I published this post and believe the view Fareed shared today support  the long wave economic model that says technology drives change,  nationalism  rises as economies are disrupted and war breaks out.  This has happened many times  before, we need to do what we can   to reduce the risk

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TIME BASED COMPETITION AND COMMON GROUND The most valuable part of our lives is where we put our time.  With loved ones, or getting things done at work or being entertained where we choose to put our time. Technology has been driven by advancements that have been directed at saving time and money. More recently

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After walking around the hills of Silicon Valley I came to the conclusion that I have experienced so many things through my several decades n the area that might be worthy to share. The most dramatic thing to consider is that the code has been cracked. For decades there has been an amazing development of

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Healing 2018

OurMedia is all about our collective voice and how we can leverage our mastery of information and communications to have impact on the balance of our perspectives. We are at a time when understanding how to sort through the signal to noise in what reality is, is becoming more complex. Is it the news, TV,

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Welcome to The Story

Welcome to's The Story Blog, the public record of narrative experimentation. We'll post news summaries, commentary and creative contributors ideas and critiques of new digital storytelling technology, narrative thinking and strategy. Our members, master creatives and organizational leaders from a variety of industries, are actively assembling new projects and research topics to address the

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“BEYOND THE SCRIPT” – A look at digital storytelling

Story Written By: Jeff Clark, Videobot Getting back to my beginnings; 30 years ago when I was just getting started in this business, I came up with an idea to make a pair of documentary style videos for the home video market called “So You Wanna Be a Rockstar” and “So You Wanna Be an

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